Bringing definition to the unfinished task
Global Summary: 极速赛车开奖官网,官方开奖现场直播结果,历史开奖记录查询,168网免费极速赛车精准人工计划APP An overview of the people groups of the world
People Groups: 17,446
Unreached Groups: 7,427
% Unreached Groups: 42.6%

Population: 7.93 Billion
Popl in Unreached: 3.37 Billion
% Popl in Unreached: 42.5%
People Groups by Progress Scale

Explore unreached peoples Unreached groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelize their own people

Frontier Peoples Get involved with frontier unreached peoples that have no confirmed, sustained gospel movement
Frontier Peoples interactive map

Frontier Unreached Peoples lack movements, but globally 1,967 movements are being tracked.
Mobile Apps Pray for the unreached using your mobile device. Available in 9 languages.
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See live "I am Praying" results.
Frontier Peoples Booklets Prayer guides for frontier unreached peoples without a movement
31 Largest
31 Largest Frontier Peoples prayer guide
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Children's Prayer
31 Largest Frontier Peoples childrens prayer guide
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Coordinated Resources Daily prayer for a country and an unreached people group in that country.
Operation Worldsyncronized withJoshua Project logo
Pray for Operation World country.
Pray for the Berti in Sudan.
Create a People Group List Select people groups based on your critiera
Joshua Project data perspectives

Affinity Blocs (16)
People Clusters (269)
People Groups Across Countries (10,329)
People Groups In Countries (17,446)
Map Resources See where unreached peoples live
Google map showing people groups as dots

World   Google   Interactive   Cartograms
Vision Resources Tools to spread vision for the unreached
Great Commission infographics and PowerPoints

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